Web Design & Development Certification Course (Offline)

By Youth Instructory


115 students

About Course

Welcome to the Web Design & Development Course! Are you ready to become a web developer? If so, you’re in the right place.

Our comprehensive course is taught by an industry expert experienced web developer with more than 100 students in Bangladesh and over 07 years of experience as a professional web developer. From the basics of web design to front-end development skills, this A to Z course covers everything you need to know to succeed in the world of web design and development. It focuses on what you need to learn and avoids unnecessary details.

In this course, you’ll learn how to code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll also learn about responsive design using frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS. In addition to building your own project, you’ll work on some designs, websites, and applications throughout the course.

What I will learn?

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: What is HTML?

Lesson 2: Why do we need to learn HTML?

Lesson 3: What are the uses of HTML?

Lesson 4: Download & Installation of needed software.

Lesson 5: The journey of web design.

Lesson 1: Basic syntax

Lesson 2: Heading, Paragraph, Break

Lesson 3: Comment & Space

Lesson 4: Anchor, Target, Image

Lesson 5: Video & Audio

Lesson 1: Ordered & Unordered List

Lesson 2: Table & Google Map

Lesson 3: Form, Input, Label

Lesson 4: Difference between Div & Span

Lesson 5: Styling Attribute

Lesson 1: What is CSS?

Lesson 2: Inline, Internal. External CSS

Lesson 3: ID & Class

Lesson 4: Color, Background-color, Border

Lesson 1: Margin & Padding

Lesson 2: Font & Text

Lesson 3: Button Design & Hover

Lesson 4: Shadow & Opacity

Lesson 5: Float & Align

Lesson 1: Background Image & Gradient

Lesson 2: Font Awesome 

Lesson 3: Image Styling

Lesson 4: Animation & Transition

Lesson 5: Transform & Rotate

Lesson 6: Menu & Navbar

Lesson 1: What is Bootstrap

Lesson 2: The main purpose of Bootstrap

Lesson 3: Responsive Design

Lesson 4: Bootstrap linking & CDN

Lesson 5: Color, Background & Button

Lesson 6: Card & Border

Lesson 7: Slider & Carousel

Lesson 8: Grid system with row, col

Lesson 9: Media Query & Responsiveness 

Lesson 1: What is Javascript?

Lesson 2: Why do we need to use Javascript?

Lesson 3: The basics of Javascript

Lesson 4: How to link Javascript with HTML

Lesson 5: Commenting code in JS

Lesson 6: Variables & Data Types

Lesson 7: Conditional Statements

Lesson 8: Lteration & Loop

Lesson 9: Array & Indexes

Lesson 1: Function & Date

Lesson 2: DOM Manipulation

Lesson 3: Click, On Hover, Mouseout

lesson 4: CSS, Class & ID

Lesson 5: Get element & query selector

Lesson 6: How to make a simple calculator

Lesson 7: Frontend form validation


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